Case studies

On-site care services are subject to many rules and regulations. Carrying them all out and following them is usually very time-consuming and labor-intensive. As a result, the caregivers often lose time that they would actually like to spend with the patient.

The Talk-IP app can actively support them as a work tool!

In difficult and stressful situations, support is requested via the radio, images and videos are sent via the integrated data transmission to the control center / the operations management. Based on the location, the management can see whether the employee will reach the next patient at the agreed time. 

Home care workers are on the road in the field and the management has no insight whether the care worker has arrived at the patient's location or not. Caregivers travel to different patients and management only needs to be assured that the caregiver has visited all patients at the end of each day. 

With the Talk-IP solution, the dispatcher can immediately see where the staff is currently, or where they have been in the past. The staff can forward the patient's health status via the text function and document the current situation on site via picture and video. If a staff member is unable to deal with the situation alone, an SOS emergency call can be sent to the control center and the recipient is then automatically informed of what is happening on site via the status line. Via status changes and text messages, the employee can document in a comprehensible way when the patient was visited and how long the operation lasted.