• Easy

    Easy and intuitive Handling without training usable at once.

  • Secure

    Through TLS 1.2 encryption a secure transmission of voice, text and images and thus tap proof worldwide


  • Test

    Put us to the test and test our modern, secure radio communication in high voice quality 1 week free of charge. Contact


Group Communication

  • Your cell phones replace analog and digital radios
  • Unlimited range
  • 1:1 und 1:n communication, digital, encrypted and tap-proof
  • Unlimited number of available channels
  • Replace time-consuming, sequential phone calls

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We offer digital radio (push-to-talk) tracking, text messaging and motion history in one interface.

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Industry solutions

Efficient communication is essential in many ares. The range of applications for our technologies is correspondingly broad. Find out more about specific apllication scenarios in the areas of passenger transportation, security services, logistics, airport services, public transportations and other.

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