Security services depend on fast, simple and secure communication.

Talk-IP offers your company exactly that!

Colleagues need to communicate with each other to better assess situations. With text and image dispatch, it is possible to prepare employees for the situation before they arrive. With the GPS tracking, the leader of the operation can optimally allocate his people and always keeps track of his team.

Your advantages:

  • Your cell phones replace analog and digital radios
  • Unlimited range
  • 1:1 and 1:n communication: digital, encrypted, tap-proof
  • Presence information: you see if your target person is reachable
  • Group communication replaces time-consuming, sequential phone calls


  • Unlimited number of available channels
  • centrally managed groups
  • flexible group types ( fixed - dynamic - ad hoc - conference )  
  • user and group administration via internet portal
  • Complete administration in your hands

Performance features:

  • Unlimited range
  • Visible reachability of call partners
  • Logged connections
  • Adjustability of own reachability
  • Independent user administration via Internet portal


Phone: +49 89 121 990 111