Hotels and resorts

In large hotels, or on sprawling resorts, the challenge is to deploy staff optimally and coordinate contact between individual employees and larger work groups.

Talk-IP offers the solution for this!

With our app, employees can communicate with each other, managers can delegate situations to be solved and can always see on the map where the employees are currently located. Damages, rooms that have not been cleaned yet, or green areas that need to be mowed can be forwarded by picture or as a video with an explanation in text form.  

Case studies

Reception and housekeeping:
The guest is at the reception desk to check out. Of course, he is in a hurry and wants to get the formalities over with quickly. Before that, housekeeping has to inspect the room for possible damage and check which drinks have been taken from the minibar.

A quick solution with the support of the Talk IP:

The staff member closest to the guest inspects the room and checks which drinks have been taken from the minibar, then passes on all the information by radio to his colleague at reception. The latter can then charge the guest for the open drinks. Any damage can be documented using photos or videos (sent via the integrated data transmission function). The next step is to dispatch the janitor, who can then repair the damage in the room. This process is also documented by picture or video after completion.  

Shuttle Service:
The guest stands in the reception hall waiting for a fast transport to the airport.

Talk-IP supports the communication between the reception and the shuttle driver by means of an interference-free digital radio. The reception has access to the current location of the driver at any time. Thus the guest is always in the picture how long the driver still needs to arrive at the hotel. The employee can also communicate with the shuttle driver in real time, without having to switch back and forth between different applications. The driver already receives the destination of the next tour via the text message function and can transfer it to his navigation system by simply clicking on it.  

Your advantages:

  • The app is installed quickly and easily and can be used immediately
  • All functions are integrated in one app
  • Full cost control through cost-effective, transparent and customizable contract periods
  • Talk-IP can be used across operating systems, so there is a wide range of devices and accessories. Ask us, we will be happy to advise you!
  • Talk-IP is provider-independent, all mobile phone providers can be used, via roaming even in EU countries (make sure to book a flat rate)
  • Via the Talk-IP customer portal, users and groups can be edited and added independently.

Short summery of functions:

  • Digital radio
  • GPS location
  • Live Location
  • Tracking histery
  • Text and data transfer
  • Emergancy call