Cab, car rental and passenger transportation

Cab and rental car companies need a fast, easy-to-use and flexible radio solution with high availability (24/7). Talk-IP offers exactly that. Drivers can talk one-on-one with the dispatcher and also directly with all group members. The control center has all vehicles with current location and status in front of it. This allows to plan each cab ride optimally ... show more


Ambulance and rescue services

Emergency services and ambulance transports must arrive at their destination quickly. With our communication software, the nurses, doctors and paramedics can communicate with each other. Both in the car from front to back, as well as with the rescue control centers and if necessary with the nearest hospital ... show more


Security services

Security services depend on fast, simple and secure communication. Colleagues need to communicate with each other to better assess situations. With text and image dispatch, it is possible to prepare employees for the situation before they arrive. With GPS tracking, the incident commander can have his people ... show more



On the construction site, there is a variety of work and the craftsmen and workers are far away from each other. With Talk-IP digital radio you can communicate at any time. The site manager can see on the map which employee is currently working on which job and can thus optimally deploy and reinforce the crew ... show more


Public transportation

Today, local public transport is no longer just buses or trains. It is a broadly networked industry consisting of a wide variety of means of passenger transportation. These must be connected to each other and to the central control centers at all times. The maintenance staff must also be in constant contact with the control center in order to be informed about approaching trains, buses or streetcars ... show more


Logistics and forwarding

In logistics and freight forwarding, the networking of various means of transport and routes is part of everyday life. Here we can be a strong partner with our radio without range limitation and the integrated positioning function. Talk-IP makes it easier to monitor processes, ensure communication from operations management to the driver, pilot, captain and client, and ... show more


Care facility

Today, care facilities are faced with the major task of having to care for more and more people. To do this, staff must be provided with the necessary tools to request support immediately in critical situations.  Uncomplicated instant communication solution that also includes functions for dealing with emergencies.


Mobile care service

Today, on-site care services are subject to many rules and regulations. The Talk-IP helps them to request support in difficult and stressful situations, or to document the condition on site by sending images via the integrated data transmission to the central office / the operations management.


Airport services

Inside and outside teams can communicate with each other without delay, and via the PC, the command can see at any time and precisely where the outside team is currently located. Damage is reported to the control center via the Talk-IP Messenger function, including a photo ... show more


Fire department

The fire department in Germany has many tasks, from fire fighting, spilled oil on roads and rescuing people after serious accidents, among others. In all scenarios, a nationwide communications solution is essential. This is provided by Talk-IP. With our digital radio, firefighters can be reached anywhere at any time and can use the emergency call function at night to.


Police and security authorities

For years we have counted numerous police departments among our satisfied customers. High flexibility in group composition guarantees optimal coordination ... show more


Facility Management

In the facility industry, employees are naturally far apart in the buildings and have no way to communicate with each other except in many individual phone calls. We can change that! With the Talk-IP digital radio app, colleagues can exchange information with each other in groups and the shift supervisor is always in the picture. Using the integrated messenger, for example, janitors can send pictures and videos of damage or repairs to document the situation on site.  


Hotels and resorts

In large hotels, or on sprawling resorts, there is always a challenge in making the best use of staff and staying in touch. Talk-IP has the solution for this. With our app, employees can communicate with each other, the management can delegate situations to be solved and can always see on the map where the individual / group is currently located. Damage, rooms that have not yet been cleaned, or garden areas that need to be mowed can be forwarded by picture or as a video with an explanation in text form.


Ports, shipyards and docks

Port facilities, shipyards and docks are huge areas where hundreds, or even thousands of people work and need to be coordinated. With the Talk-IP solution, this is exactly what is possible. On the map on the mobile devices, or more clearly on the PC or laptop, the shift supervisors can see at any time at which location the relevant employees are currently located. In this way, teams can be put together that are close to the place of deployment. Employees can communicate with each other or with the shift supervisor via the range-unrestricted digital radio. With the integrated SOS system, the employee has the option of making an emergency call at any time in an emergency situation, thus drawing attention to himself... show more


Event industry

In today's world, large events such as concerts, soccer matches, or demonstrations are logistical challenges that present organizers with the problem of networking all employees. The Talk-IP offers exactly that! With our digital radio app, devices and accessories can be used that are especially suitable for noisy environments and are also very robust. With the PC software, the incident commander is also always aware of the location of the employees. With the integrated data transmission function, text, images, videos, etc. can be more information