Digital radio-communcation

Our modern digital communication app can be used on most devices with Android, Windows, Linux and IOS. The user has the possibility to reach whole groups, selected teams, or individual contacts in real time with one push. Talk-IP has no range limitation, so it can be used worldwide. In addition, the customer doesn't have to commit to one mobile phone provider. Users can also use different mobile carriers. We support all major networks (2G - 5G and wifi)

The advantages for you and your company

  • Time and cost savings through streamlined processes Clear, concise cost structure Customizable and transparent contract terms at any time.  
  • All functions can be individually adapted to your company / individual groups / each employee One radio call, replaces many phone calls
  • With the push of a button, contact all group members simultaneously 
  • Every member can (if authorized) answer immediately Delicate situations can be quickly resolved at any time A single device replaces the previous device mix of radios, cell phones, pagers, tracking equipment, etc.
  • Send real-time text messages, pictures, orders, documents and data of any kind
  • No range limitation 
  • Secure information transfer through encryption
  • Independent management via Talk-IP online customer portal


Functional overview

Digital radio

One speaks, all hear! Users can radio individuals, small teams, or entire groups by pressing a single button, just like with a walkie-talkie. Our app has no range restrictions and can therefore be used worldwide. Many time-consuming phone calls are a thing of the past.



Text and data transfer

Our messenger allows you to exchange text messages, images, documents and other data in real time. You can send messages both to individual contacts, and to the whole group


Live location

The GPS location function displays the live location of contacts and / or groups on the map. When you select a single user, you automatically follow them on the map.



Histery tracking

Via route tracking, the centralist can call up at any time where the corresponding employee has been at a certain point in time and which route he has covered


Emergancy call

With the emergency call function, the employee has the option of triggering an alarm at any time, which is not noticed by third parties. This is then forwarded to the centralist, or operations manager. The receiver now has the possibility to establish a dedicated line to the employee and to hear what is happening on site without having to press another button. Likewise, the location is updated every two seconds and displayed preferentially on the map.


Storage and playback

On request, radio calls and messages are recorded and stored on the Talk-IP server. If required, the customer can independently request and evaluate a copy of the data for the desired period and user via the PC software. The storage time can be freely selected by the customer. We would like to point out that employees must be informed about this function if it is activated.


Status and presence information

The status can be recreated and edited by the customer at any time and as needed. The employees can freely select the predefined statuses on the mobile devices. The status indicates, for example, whether the employee is currently available or busy, does not want to be disturbed, is on break, or is currently working for a customer. This allows the operations manager to plan optimally, as it is always clear who is currently available.


Renundante Serverinfrastuktur

Through continuous backups to the backup server in the high-performance data center, we guarantee absolute security against data loss. All data is automatically copied from Master to the backup server.



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