SOS emergency call

The SOS function was developed to assess dangerous situations as accurately as possible and to be able to react to them. By sending an SOS emergency call, a dedicated line is established from the mobile device to the control center. The previously selected employee now hears everything that happens. 

The emergency call is triggered by a freely selectable button on the mobile device. In a dangerous situation, you now know exactly what is happening around the employee seeking help, what is being said and where he or she is. 

The dedicated line is automatically established to the predefined person. This does not necessarily have to be a PC in the office, but can also be set up between two or more mobile terminals (cell phone, smartphone). 

The calls are recorded locally on the PC and can be replayed to the decisive persons (e.g. boss or investigating authorities) for later follow-up. 

The triggered emergency call is a silent alarm. This means that no outsider notices it. This is particularly important in the event of a robbery, as it allows the police to be notified without the perpetrator's knowledge. 

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