Cabs, rental cars and public transportation

Companies in the cab and rental car industry need a fast, easy-to-use and range-less wireless solution with maximum availability (24/7) and full cost control.

"That's exactly what Talk-IP offers your customers!"

The extensive possibilities and optionally customizable functions have made us in and beyond Germany, a strong partner of the cab and rental car industry.

Your advantages:

  • The app is installed in under a minute and can be used immediately
  • All in one, only one device is needed
  • Full cost control through cost-effective, transparent and customizable contract terms
  • Talk-IP can be used across operating systems, so there is a wide choice of devices and accessories. Ask us, we will be happy to advise you!
  • Talk-IP is provider-independent, all mobile phone providers can be used, via roaming even in EU countries (make sure to book a flat rate in the tariff)
  • Via the Talk-IP customer portal the entrepreneur can edit his users and groups independently, add new ones or deactivate currently not used ones.

The functions:

  • Drivers can use the Talk-IP digital radio app to contact the control center as well as colleagues, or even directly to the entire group (without range restriction) with just one touch of a button.
  • The control center has all vehicles with current location and status on the screen. This allows each trip to be assigned optimally and without loss of time due to long journeys.
  • Addresses, pictures, orders and other data are transmitted to the desired colleague/central operator in real time via the integrated text and data transmission.
  • In case of emergency, the driver can trigger an emergency call at the touch of a button. The driver then hears what is happening and being said in the driver's environment via an active and automatically switched dedicated line. This enables him to better assess the situation and react accordingly. The current location is also displayed to the centralist at a higher frequency. The GPS location data is stored on the Talk-IP server. This ensures that the data can be retrieved at any time for police or insurance investigations.
  • The distribution is done efficiently via the PC (Mac) software:
    • The route of past journeys can be retrieved in a time-accurate and targeted manner
    • If a radio message was not understood, or for training purposes, or a debriefing situation requires, it is possible to listen to radio messages again at any time
    • All sent messages can be retrieved at any time
    • The customer determines the storage time of all data, or can also dispense with it completely
  • Optionally, it is possible to send a warning to the control center if the vehicle / driver does not move for a long time. The time period can be freely determined by each entrepreneur. 

Short summary of the functions:

  • Digital radio
  • GPS tracking
  • Route tracking
  • Text and data transmission
  • Emergency call function
  • Group and user management via customer portal