Rescue and ambulance services

Emergency services and ambulance transports need to reach their destination save and quickly. With our communication software, nurses, doctors and first responders can exchange information with each other. Both in the car from front to back, as well as with the rescue control centers and, if necessary, with the next hospital if, for example, an intensive care bed is needed.

Your advantages:

  • The app is installed in a minute and can be used immediately
  • All in one, only one device is needed
  • Full cost control through cost-effective, transparent and customizable contract terms
  • Talk-IP can be used across operating systems, so there is a wide choice of devices and accessories. Ask us, we will be happy to advise you!
  • Talk-IP is provider-independent, all mobile phone providers can be used, worldwide (make sure to book a flat rate with your provider's tariff!)
  • Via the Talk-IP customer portal, groups can be set up quickly and members can be added if required.


  • Unlimited number of available channels
  • centrally managed groups
  • flexible group types ( fixed - dynamic - ad hoc - conference )  
  • user and group administration via internet portal
  • Complete administration in your hands

Performance features:

  • Unlimited range
  • Visible reachability of call partners
  • Logged connections
  • Adjustability of own reachability
  • Independent user administration via Internet portal


Phone: +49 89 121 990 111